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dist.duo [concept sketch] 相距 .倆[概念草圖]




Aluminium, Microcomputer, Custom Software, Microcontroller, disassembled LCD Panel, Custom Electronics, LED, Animation

A sketch of a future project – the idea is presented as a sketch of animation with exposed electronics.

We synchronize and repel with one another from time to time. Attachment and detachment; the rhythmic dance as well as chaotic crash between the two create a metaphor for the momentary, temporary relationship that exists between them.

While “dist.solo” focuses on the relationship between the viewer and a singular pendulum, “dist.duo” (work in progress) has two pendulums which focus on the relationship between the two identical machines. The complexity of the two would create different sense of rhythm, risks and dangerousness, which the machines may swing in synchronized rhythm, but also could be out of sync, and eventually create tension and poetic moment within themselves.



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