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JIM_20160727_藝術家Kenny Wong_076MOZ_6229JIM_20160727_藝術家Kenny Wong_075MOZ_6222

Steel, Microcomputer, Custom Software, Microcontroller, disassembled LCD Panel, Custom Electronics
The work is set by the experience of the artist feeling being involved in an unbalanced connection.

The work has situated the audience to be an initiator of a rested kinetic installation. A visually unbalanced metronome requires audience to push the backlight towards a transparent display to reveal the context. At the same time, the kinetic state of the metronome is altered, the rest become potential, which triggers the unbalanced metronome to swing. The swing, position and speed would trigger different videos and glitches, letting the audience to reveal the narration by interfering and revealing the kinetic and computational system.







  • 2016 – The Interstitial: Alan Kwan and Kenny Wong Two-Person Exhibition, Pearl Lam Galleries SOHO, Hong Kong