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Undermine 傾覆


Kenny Wong - Undermine_1


Kinetic Video Installation

Steel, Brushless Motor, ESC Controller, Microcontroller, Microcomputer, LED light, Custom Electronics, disassembled 32 Inch TV, Custom software, Video

Undermine – to weaken or cause to collapse by removing underlying support, as by digging away or eroding the foundation.

“Undermine” represents the psychological condition of the artist.  A slightly unbalanced machine pointing downwards is waiting to spin in high speed. Its kinetic motion comes from a single propeller from quadcopter parts. The noise of the spinning propeller amplifies the uneasiness, tension and fragility of the human depiction that spins in front of the viewer. The machine rotates at various speeds, randomly decided by the microcomputer. At the same time that is in motion, it attempts to stabilize the LCD display with a video of a woman taken from overhead. To display the girl’s movement in a transparent screen, a normal LED TV is disassemble, modified and backlit by a custom circular light. Together, the sculptural machine contrasts and balances a disturbing physical movement with the slow pace of a natural body movement. Undermine plays on the balance of attraction and repulsion, on spin and counter-spin, and the sense of dangerousness and fragility. As a work it represents the constant maladaptive psychological status of the individual, in the constant act of balancing.


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