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Undermine.interim_1 傾覆・暫_1



Custom Steel Structure, Disassembled 32 Inch broken TV(unique), Microcontroller, Microcomputer, Solenoid, LED controller

A broken TV panel which has lost its original functionality. Instead, the TV display shows fragments of glitches that cannot be reproduced.

The solenoid is randomly pressing the power button of the broken TV. The structure was designed to barely hold the TV glass panel at the corner to maintain its fragility. The TV is still playing a video that unable to display anymore.


一個壞了的電視機屏失去了原有功能。相反,電視顯示器顯示了一些無法複製的故障畫面。電磁閥是隨機按下壞電視的電源按鈕。雕塑的支架 設計僅僅能把把電視機的玻璃屏支撐在角落,然而保持它的脆弱性 。電視仍在嘗試播放一個無法顯示影片。

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